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TuitionSplit is a Canadian company that works with Colleges and Universities to facilitate payment plans for students that can’t afford the upfront cost of a tuition. It’s never been easier to split the cost of tuition into management monthly payments.

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Fill out the form here, it will only take a couple minutes. When your College or university approves your application, we’ll send you your payment details.

2. Payment plan confirmation

When your payment plan is approved by your University or College, we send you an email with the details and debit your account for the payment plan fee.

3. Automatic payments

On the scheduled dates, we’ll debit your account and send payments to your University or College to pay your tuition.

Simple pricing

$75 per payment plan

Plus $3 for every $100 you need to split

*This rate is based on our current payment default rate

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Frequently asked question

Yes, in order to be eligible your University or College needs to be partnered with TuitionSplit. If you don’t see your university and college listed we would be happy to reach out them on your behalf requesting they consider TuitionSplit as one of their payment options. Fill out this form and we will send a request.

Go to the top of this page and complete your application, it only takes a couple of minutes. Once your application is complete, we’ll send it off to your University or College for review and email you the details once it’s approved.

Requirements for TuitionSplit

  1. Your University or College has partnered with TuitionSplit and is listed in our directory.
  2. You are in good standing with your University or College and qualify based on their criteria.
  3. You are in good standing with TuitionSplit.
  4. You are a Canadian student.
  5. You have successfully paid your payment plan fee.

TuitionSplit is not a finance company, we do not offer loans. We facilitate payment plans for Canadian Universities and Colleges. Your payment plan is a financial obligation to TutionSplit and we guarantee payment delivery to your University or College.

In the event you default on a payment, you will be assessed a $35 missed payment fee and we will reschedule your payment. If you miss multiple payments, additional actions will be taken. This may include falling out of good financial standing with your University or College resulting in not receiving credit for your course work and the inability to continue until fees are paid in full.

TuitionSplit processes all payments through direct debits from your bank account.