Students should be given every opportunity to afford their education.

So we’re building a service to make it easy for students to split their tuition into manageable monthly payments.

Our vision

Provide a creative solution to help students and families afford post-secondary education

Our story

TuitionSplit’s founder Greg Lepp has worked with post-secondary institutions to facilitate payment plans since 2003. In 2010, Greg along with his co-founder Andrew Heidebrecht started Rotessa (the parent company of TuitionSplit) a payment processing company focused on pre-authorized bank payments. Since then, Rotessa has gone on to work with over 2000 businesses and process over 500 million dollars in payments. Rotessa has been a member of the BBB for over 5 years and has an exemplary record with an A+ rating.

With this same great team, Rotessa has started TuitionSplit to make education more affordable.

Our office