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Making education affordable for everyone

TuitionSplit is a Canadian company that works with Colleges and Universities to facilitate payment plans for students that can’t afford the upfront cost of tuition. The entire goal of TuitionSplit is to make education more affordable for students while reducing the administrative and financial burden for Universities and Colleges. Now has never been a better time to offer flexible payment terms to your students.

A true partnership

1. Sign up

Schedule a call with TuitionSplit to get started. We’ll walk you through the process and set up your account with your desired criteria. From there, list TuitionSplit as one of your payment options and direct students to our website to sign up.

2. Review plans

We’ll notify you each time a student has signed up with TuitionSplit. Simply login to TuitionSplit and approve plans for students that are in good standing and qualify based on your approval criteria.

3. Simple payouts

At the end of each month, we’ll send you a single electronic transfer and corresponding report of all your payments, 100% guaranteed. At the start of each semester you will know your exact cashflow from TuitionSplit revenue.

TuitionSplit is a new kind of tuition tool to help make education more affordable. It’s entirely free for universities and colleges while giving students and affordable and flexible payment option.

TuitionSplit is not intended to replace student loans but rather offer a solution for the 5-10% of students that come up short on tuition and have the means to pay throughout the semester.

Increase tuition revenue

Additional payment options make education possible for more students. You no longer need to turn away students that don’t have their entire tuition amount upfront.

A better student experience

Give students every opportunity to afford the education of their dreams with more flexible payment terms. Offer students waiting on students loans a practical alternative.

Save on administration

The beginning of each semester is always busy working with students that come up a little short. Let TuitionSplit work with your students and manage your payment plans.

You're in control

Set amount thresholds and choose which programs are eligible. The best part: approve or decline plans based on your students standing with your University or College.

“We should be doing everything we can to make education more affordable for all students”

— Gary Schellenberg
VP Emeritus Providemce UC

TuitionSplit is supported 100% by students

At start of each payment plan, students are charged two fees by TuitionSplit. The first fee is a $75 fee for the convenience and administrative cost of the payment plan. The second fee is a “doubtful accounts” fee that is shared expense among students in the program. In the event the doubtful accounts rate is less than our current rate we will pass along any savings to the students that set up a payment plan in the future.

Frequently asked question

TuitionSplit charges each student two separate fees at the beginning of each payment plan. The first charge is a $75 flat rate for the convenience of setting up a payment plan. The second charge is a doubtful accounts fee where students share in the expense of missed payments. TuitionSplit monitors this rate and will adjust the amount to ensure students are paying the lowest possible rate. TuitionSplit does not earn additional revenue from this fee and will always pass along any savings to students.

Yes. Greg Lepp, the founder of TuitionSplit, has helped manage tuition plans for secondary institutions since 2003. TuitionSplit’s parent company is called Rotessa, a payments company that works with thousands of Canadian businesses and organizations and has processed over 500 million dollars in payments in the past 10 years. You can learn more about the TuitionSplit story here.

The entire goal of TuitionSplit is to make education as affordable as possible for students while reducing the administrative and financial burden for Universities and Colleges. The cost of fronting the money to universities and college entirely defeats the purpose of this goal as student would have to pay a much higher amount for a loan.

1.Your University or College has signed up with TuitionSplit and is listed in our directory.

2.Your student is in good standing with your University or College & TuitionSplit.

3.Your student is Canadian.

4.Your student meets the criteria that you have set.

5.Your student has successfully paid their TuitionSplit fees upfront.

This is entirely up to you and what you are comfortable with. When you set up your TuitionSplit account, you can determine the maximum amount your students are allowed to split up.

Yes, at any time you can cancel a payment plan and we will stop withdrawing payments from your students.